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State First Impressions

I've been trying out State recently and it's pretty cool. I really like how minimalist it is, and I'm excited that they're persevering in the face of Twitter's new "Display Guidelines". However, I don't think it's going to replace TweetDeck for me any time soon. I have a few nits to pick:

  1. If you're viewing a lot of text tweets, the experience is not as good as it is if you're viewing a lot of photo tweets. I realize this is a conscious choice, but it's not good for my use case.
  2. I'm a little disappointed that they're not showing profile photos. I understand that this is also a conscious choice, but I tend to scan my tweets and decide what to read based on profile photos, not names, so this is also a deal breaker.
  3. I wish you could incorporate multiple sources into the same stream. I have too few friends on app.net for it to justify taking up center screen real estate, but I'd still like to see their posts.
  4. (Related to the last point: I think the columns are a little too big. Not sure if I can resize them. [EDITED: State pointed out that you can resize them; I was just not looking in the right place. Mouse over the edge of the column and the pointer will change, then click and drag.])

That said, there are several things that I love:

  1. If you want a real-time photo-viewer, this is a great choice. I think Twitter could learn a thing or too from them. I especially love how cards are automatically expanded.
  2. I love how minimalist it is. The content is front and center. TweetDeck feels very busy when I go back to it.
  3. They do a shockingly good job of rearranging windows. This has got to be the hardest part of any app with customizable layout and they nailed it.

Anyway, go check it out, beg for an invite, etc.

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