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Summer Plans (and Iron Blogging)

June 10 2012

Hello world!

I'm sorry I've been so inattentive. Finals + moving twice + starting work (at Amazon! =D) + still trying to hack on Grassroutes haven't left much time for blogging. =(

This summer, I'm going to be doing an Iron Blogger type thing with Tess and other Seattle tech interns. If you'd like to join, tweet @drewinglis or @temiri, and we'll start billing you to subsidize my beer and her lemonade if you don't write blog posts.

(If you were too lazy to click the earlier link, the idea behind Iron Blogger is: every week, you have to write a blog post, or else you owe $5 to the beverage pool, and periodically all the bloggers go out for drinks.)

I'm certainly not above tying myself to the mast, and I want to blog more, soooo... Yeah.

Also: if you're in the Seattle area this summer, we should hang out! Ping me somewhere on the internet! =D

Until next week! (/later this week, if all goes well...)

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