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Resume Cracker (our TartanHacks project)

February 13 2012

Last weekend, I went to TartanHacks, a hackathon at CMU that hopefully will become an annual or semiannual. I worked with Tess and her friend Geoff, both from Penn. (TartanHacks was CMU-only, except for the Penn students who were invited because several people at Penn were very helpful to the organizers.)

Our project ended up being coded in 6-8 hours, because Tess and I wanted to sleep (we were recovering from various illnesses), and Tess and Geoff didn't get in until almost midnight. We also decided that we wanted to learn node.js, so we didn't expect to be quite as successful as we were at PennApps with Grassroutes.

We ended up creating a very simple app that was all client side that gives you a markup language to create technical resumes that are formatted similarly to how Gayle McDowell recommends on her site. (We aren't endorsed by her at all, and we since we can't help you with content, you may wish to go here for that.)

You can find our app here: Resume Cracker. (Warning: copy your text before you go to "Printer Friendly" view. We still have work to do.)

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