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The Best Feature of Google+ Mobile

July 03 2011

I give mobile developers a gold star when I go to their webapp and I try to do something that I've only done before on the mobile version. I've done this twice today (not once, but twice!) when entering a status update on the Google+ website. On Google+ Mobile, when entering a post with a location, after the app has determined your location, you can click on the location name, and the app will show nearby businesses, parks, etc. (presumably taken from Google Places) which you might be at, allowing you to be more accurate. On the other hand, if the location gleaned from the GPS is good enough (like it was for me earlier today when I was entering a status about the road my dad and I were driving down), you can just leave that and go.

plus.google.com doesn't let you do this. This makes me very sad.

To be honest, I can't understand why they didn't do this on the website first. From my experience, the browser's HTML5 location is only good when you're on a wireless network that Google has sniffed. I also would love to not have to get out my phone to check in if I'm already on my laptop. (I don't mind using my phone, but since I carry my laptop with me almost everywhere, I almost always break it out if I'm going to be on the internet for more then 5 minutes or so.) On top of everything else, it's a much better experience for all involved if my post says "Newark Airport" instead of "Express Rd, Newark, New Jersey".

So please, Google, let me disambiguate my location on web Google+. <3

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